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If you find yourself in a difficult situation where banks and mortgage lenders refuse to approve your loan, then private lending could be your best option. A private mortgage allows you to obtain a loan from an independent organization. The approval process is easier and does not take much time for the funds to be at your disposal. However, the rates are higher as the lender faces a substantial risk. A private lender is beneficial when you have exhausted all other options and are unable to get the loan you need within a short time period.

Benefits of a private mortgage

  1. The approval process is shorter and much faster than conventional lenders
  2. Quick access to funds when needed in a short time period
  3. A private mortgage can help gain the financial footing you need to switch to a traditional lender once this period is over.
  4. Even though you do not qualify for a traditional mortgage, you can still qualify for a private mortgage loan against the value of your property

How can we help?

No matter your situation, our experienced team of Mortgage Brokers in Abbotsford BC we will find a solution that works for you. At Anchor Management, we understand that sometimes you need immediate funds to capitalize on an opportunity. You may not have time to wait around for lengthy processes to come through or you may not qualify for a traditional mortgage. Rejection by banks and other financial institutions can leave you disheartened. We have the right expertise to navigate through these challenges. We will evaluate your financial situation and research the best option for your next move. Our team of Abbotsford Mortgage Specialists are well-connected with private lenders and traditional institutions. This will help us connect you with the right lender and put in place a payment plan you can afford.

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